Llodio Public Library : [109]

Laudio Library was opened on 3rd July 1981 although library services were being offered in other premises in town since 1972.

Its mission is to give an answer to the needs of information, training and use of spare time of all citizens while being, at the same time, their access to the society of information and knowledge.

Our 400sq m premises are divided into four different areas:
  • Reception and area for children
  • Reference and computer area
  • Periodical press
  • Studying section and books on different subjects

The total stock of our collection is about 22,000 documents, 27% of them in Basque, 72% in Spanish and 1% in other languages. 75% of the collection is for adult users and 25% is for children use.

We are boosting the library by using new technologies: currently, there are 42 Internet connections, 3 computers for general use, an e-book reader and users can digitalize documents in our A3 scanner.

Laudio Barrendik (Laudio From The Inside) is a project for the digitalization of local works. With this name we want to express that we start from the very inside to the outside, giving very specific information about our town itself. The purpose of this project is to make our bibliographic heritage known, spread it and make all this information available to the general public.

So as to get the highest possible amount of information we have had the help of the Council itself (Culture and Basque Language Departments, Town Archive), the "Cofradía del Señor Sant Roque" (a local association), as well as other cultural organizations in town and many individuals who are collaborating with us in a generous way donating the works they have or giving us access to them.

Laudio/Llodio Library
Lamuza, 19
01400 Laudio/Llodio
Telephone:944 034 960
E-mail address:


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