What is Liburuklik?

Welcome to Liburuklik and we will briefly explain what this service offered by the Euskadi Library Service offers.

Liburuklik is a cooperative project between institutions or libraries that have funds of patrimonial interest and the Department of Culture of the Basque Government. It is a repository that guarantees the preservation and dissemination of the Basque digital heritage, making it easy for anyone interested in the Basque language and culture to have easy access to it. The bibliographic collections made available by Liburuklik include historical press, incunabula, magazines, photographs, manuscripts or scores, among others.

All the images stored in Liburuklik are treated with OCR, and you can search by entering any word or term. In Liburuklik all documents are displayed in both JPG and PDF formats, and for better use of digitized resources all documents can be saved, printed or simply viewed on screen.