Loiola Sanctuary : [755]


Located on the right of the Basilica of Loyola, the library has ancient and modern funds, very interesting for the historians and general readers.

Throughout of the history, the Society of Jesus, has assembled a library, that has 150,000 volumes published from the sixteenth century to the present century; Amen of twenty incunabulas that they are currently guards, with ten thousand other loyoleos copies in the Library of Deusto.

In Loyola, we retain the old collection, mainly Ignatian, with five thousand works written by Jesuits, published between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries; the funds of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries of various thems; Ignatian Modern Library, specializing in the life and work of St. Ignatius, his spirituality and the Society of Jesus; the room dedicated to Basque culture; the Archive and Music Library of Nemesio P. Otaño; and the Archive of the House of Loyola.

All of them are private funds of the Society of Jesus and their books or documents are available in the reading rooms adapted for this purpose. The schedule is from Monday to Friday from 9 to 13 am and from 15:30 to 19 hours. The Library has a service to consult books and to lend modern book and superb service studio space during the weekend of period of university exams winter and spring-summer. It's a collaboration between the community of Jesuits of Loyola and the town hall of Azpeitia.

Santuario de San Ignacio de Loyola
Avenida de Loyola nº 16
20730 Azpeitia
Tel. 943-025000

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