Ermua Municipal Library : [17]


The Ermua Municipal Library was opened in 1989. After passing through a provisional location on the premises of the Town Hall itself, in 1999 it was moved to a renovated building located in the urban center.

It is distributed over two floors, one with free access, where there is a public service area, a room for children, another room for adults, a newspaper library area, a small warehouse and an office. On another floor there are two archives that are restricted to personnel.

The fundamental objectives it pursues are:

1.The dissemination and promotion of reading habits among the population, with special attention to the first readers, giving support to the teaching staff of the schools and offering spaces for families around reading.

2. The making available to the public of documentary and audiovisual material, both its own and that of other libraries through the Interlibrary Loan. It also facilitates the loan in digital format through the eLiburutegia and Liburuklik platforms.

3. The making available to the public of an adequate space for reading and study.

4. The creation and empowerment of complementary services adapted to the new information, culture, leisure and education needs of the user population.

5. Access to technologies, helping to eliminate the digital divide, offering equipment and Internet access to users through WIFI and fibre optics.

Collections in this institution