Liburuklik, to date, has collected part of the Basque digital heritage, and has preserved and disseminated it through its website. In November 2021, Euskariana - the Digital Portal of Basque Culture - was created, with a more accessible and modern design, and hosting more types of resources among its funds. It was therefore, considered more appropriate to incorporate the content of Liburuklik into this new repository. Euskariana wants to offer a quality public service and collect works created by Basque authors, published in the Basque Country or everything that has been created about Basque issues anywhere in the world. On this portal, you can find all kinds of printed and audio-visual materials, such as books, documents, newspapers, magazines, maps, engravings and works of art, photographs, posters, records, films and other information supports. Visit us and discover everything Euskariana can offer you!