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ERESBIL is the Basque Music Archive. Preserve the basque music production in all type of supports either textual, audiovisual or iconographical. Since 2000, ERESBIL preserves a Legal Deposit copy of scores and sound recordings from the Basque Autonomous Community.

Collects from its beginnings personal and institutional fonds. There are more than 160 fonds where stand out the relative to composers as Valentín Valentín Zubiaurre, Tomás Múgica, Beltrán Pagola, Jesús Guridi, José Mª Usandizaga, José Mª Uruñuela, José Olaizola, Norberto Almandoz, Jesús Arámbarri, Luis Aramburu, Francisco Escudero or Gotzon Aulestia.

ERESBIL spreads the basque composers works through the week MUSIKASTE , yearly celebrated in may in Errenteria. ERESBIL promotes in collaboration with Euskal Fundazioa the Juan Zelaia Letamendi Musika Beka destinated to research works in relation with music and euskera.

His purpose is the research, collection, preservation and difussion of musical heritage, specially the production of Basque Composers.


Scores ms. (17.000)
Scores print (48.000)
Monographs (17.000)
Magazines (1.270 tit.)
Sound recordings (101.000)
Audiovisual documents (800)
Program collections (1.172)
Poster collections (1.254)
Photographs (1.500)
Documentation (15.500)

ERESBIL-Archivo Vasco de la Música
Alfonso XI, 2
20100 Errenteria
Tel.: 943 000 868
Fax: 943 529 706

  • Sound files (96)
  • Monographs (57)


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