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The Provincial Library of Bizkaia seeks to work as a public heritage service whose main remit is to conserve and disseminate publications which are produced in Bizkaia and which deal with the province. As such it does not lend books out: its resources must be accessed on site. The library is open all day for readers to consult the books in its collection.

The collection dates back to 1894 when the heirs of prominent local politician and intellectual Fidel de Sagarminaga Fidel de Sagarminaga decided to donate his magnificent library to the provincial authorities following his death. Since then it has been extended with donations from private individuals and from institutions in the form of copies of books held on legal deposit, as well as purchases and subscriptions made by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia.

It now stands at close to 300,000 volumes. Part of the collection is freely accessible, and is spread over numerous reading rooms and consultation areas. The reserve collection deserves special mention: it comprises a large, important collection of incunabula and other books, booklets, loose-leaf documents, periodicals and manuscripts.

A number of specific collections also deserve to be mentioned:
The Provincial Library is now a perfect example of a hybrid library. It is a functioning library with all the usual conventional and on-site structures and services, along with external and in-house collections of electronic data, the latter from the digitising of its own volumes. It also offers new services at remote locations. It features a blend of, documents in electronic and hard copy form, and on-site and virtual services.
These include the following:
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