Basque Parliament : [1241]

The Basque Parliament library was founded in 1982. As part of the refurbishing carried out in 2001, it was moved to its current location in the administrative building.

Along with the archive and documentation departments, the library comes under the Studies Division, whose mission is to provide documentary support to members of parliament, entities of the Chamber, and the required administrative services. The library therefore is tasked with managing the library and archive collections, providing access to the documentary products and resources, and providing specialist information services.

The library specialises in Public Law and Political Thought in order to meet its mission. It also has a Basque history collection, which covers from the end of the 15th century to the 1980s. It boasts a significant documentary and bibliographical heritage, along with some outstanding collections such as the Bolivarian Collection, donated by Francisco de Abrisqueta. All these works were added during the two first parliamentary terms, in accordance with the policy implemented to recover and ensure a Basque bibliographical collection.

There is restricted access to the library as its main aim is to service its parliamentary users. However, much of the historical collection has been digitalised and is available to be consulted in electronic format.


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